Arcades and Gardens

All 26 rooms and suites are surrounding 3.000 square meters of inner gardens and marble arcades, reflecting the charm of an original Islamic garden set in the past. The outdoor seating areas of the hotel are essentially extensions of our rooms. The variety of plants and materials, peaceful areas, candle lights and the whisper of running waters, make the complex an harmonious scenery for relaxation and meditation.

The old mansion where Mohamed Ali the founder of modern Egypt was born, houses a museum of civil life of the 18th century. During summer time, the gardens of the house offer an exceptional scenic view of the sea, the city, and the surrounding hills for drinks and refreshments accompanied by classical music.

Guided tours of the monument are given to all hotel guests free of charge. Residents also have a free pass for our museum “house of Mohammed Ali”. Guided tours of both monuments are also available for nonresidents with a €5 ticket at Imaret (tours take place from 10am until 2pm) and €3 ticket for the house of Mohammed Ali (open to the public from 10ap to 2pm / closed on Monday). Smoking is not allowed during the guided tours. For your best convenience please reserve in advance.

We kindly ask from our external guests to respect the tranquility of our monument and please be reminded that guestrooms are situated around the gardens.

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