Relaxation Area

The original hamam and the hidden impressive cistern are Imaret's best-kept secret. Bathing with flowers and spices, massages with essential oils, scrubs with fruits and nuts are the finest and most natural approach to a total well-being. Select through a variety of special treatments for an ultimate experience.


Imaret’s Hamam
Hand made olive oil soaps, almond, myrrh and rosewater recreate the original bathing practice, of the 18th century
90 minutes, 150 euros per person
La Sultane de Saba
A precious legacy from a legendary past. This rassoul based hamam removes all skin’s impurities and leaves a delicate rose and geranium fragrance on the skin.
90 minutes, 130 euros per person
The Imaret Bath Experience
An enriching milk bath with honey and essential oils of lavander and rose soothes conditions and softens your skin. It is followed by a relaxing massage with rose oil. This treatment is only available in dedicated suites.
90 minutes, 200 euros per person


Imaret’s relaxing massage
This aromatic treatment offers a variety of essential oils to choose to match your mood. Gentle strokes calm and relax the body The massage starts with a warn foot bath.
60 minutes, 100 euros per person
Head, back and neck
Using Swedish massage and pressure point techniques, this treatment focuses on problem areas, creating a sense of well-being and relaxation. The massage starts with a warm foot bath.
50 minutes, 80 euros per person
Harem massage
This lavishly strong yet peaceful massage was once reserved for Egyptian royalty. Aromatic poultices filled with fresh chamomile and mint, dipped into warm essential oils of myrrh and are applied to soother tired muscles, nourish the skin and infuse relaxation.
60 minutes, 120 euros per person

Treatments in the Cistern

After the experience of the indoor cistern you can enjoy one of Imaret’s special treatments
Fatimid Aromatherapy
Enjoy a holistic and stimulant massage with a choice of lavender, jasmine, orange and amber essential oils.
90 minutes, 130 euros per person
Imaret bathing ritual with rose essential oils and rose tea
45 minutes, 100 euros per couple
Bedouin treatment
A warm swim in the indoor cistern followed by a Sahara’s secret scrub. It energizes and lifts the spirits.The treatment finishes with a soothing massage.
90 minutes, 150 euros per person

La Sultane de Saba intensive facials

Sugar cane and honey
Try this unique face treatment based on old and natural beauty techniques from the Orient.
55 minutes, 75 euros
Golden treatment
This facial includes specialized cleansing techniques, gentle exfoliation, acupressure facial massage and an intensive face mask.
55 minutes, 95 euros